Elevate your Beauty and Wellness Journey with Dr. Gideon Kwok

A Top 100 Injector in the US!

Join our exclusive Beauty and Longevity offer at Desert Moon Wellness and AI Wellness.

Aesthetic Treatments

  • Neurotoxin Treatments: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin at $275 per area.
  • Special package: All 3 areas for $650.
  • Masseter (slim face) treatment for $500.
  • Full vial use, including underarms for sweating and shoulders for “Barbie tox” at $900.
  • Fillers: Revitalize your look with fillers at $800 per syringe.

Special Packages:

Sprinkle Lift

Experience it at $2175, regular price $2675.

Dr's Order

Elevate your beauty with the Dr’s Order package at $4000, regular price $5625.

Thread Treatments: Get an instant face lift!
  • Face thread treatment for $4000.
  • Combine face and under-chin threads for $5000.
  • Enhance brows or nose with thread treatments at $2000.

Holiday Special Offer

Enjoy exclusive treatments at a discounted rate for the Holidays!

Transform, Rejuvenate, and Celebrate the Holidays in Style at Desert Moon Wellness and AI Wellness!

Schedule your appointment now and embrace your best self during this Formula 1 special week.

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