A Snapshot of Your Blood Pressure & Glucose with Camera
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Using rPPG and AI modeling algorithms our app captures the light reflected by the blood vessels under yours skin to take a snapshots of your vitals anytime, anywhere.

About Veyetals

The Veyetals app is a device-less pain-free app that uses your smartphone camera to take a snapshot of your vital signs in just 10 seconds. (Please read disclaimer)

Furthering Accessibility Through
AI Innovations in Healthcare

Real-time health monitoring system. Our vital signs camera app allows you to capture more data easily for your telemedicine visits. Expand your contactless solution using video-based health monitoring.

Vitals History

You can effortlessly access and review a complete record of all your past Vitals readings. Stay informed and track your progress with ease.

Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, Veyetals ensures easy access to real-time health insights, empowering you to take proactive control of your well-being.

Embrace the convenience of Veyetals and unlock a new era of personalized health monitoring at your convenience.

In-App Integrations

Seamlessly connect with SenSights.AI and other leading platforms to unlock the full potential of Veyetals.

Experience the power of our cloud-based API and SDK, making integration a breeze.

Rest easy with secure and efficient data sharing across platforms with Veyetals.

Our dedicated 24/7 Support team ensures a seamless integration experience.

White Labeling

Empower your clinic or healthcare facility with our exclusive white labeling solutions, enabling you to offer Veyetals under your own trusted brand.

Provide your patients with a seamless and personalized experience by customizing Veyetals with your branding and logo.

Accelerate your time-to-market and minimize production costs by leveraging our expertise and industry-leading software.


Seamlessly capture vital signs using our user-friendly app, featuring an intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions.

Enjoy Veyetals on your preferred deviceā€”whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or webcamā€”ensuring accessibility to a wide audience.

Empower healthcare professionals, coaches, and individuals to effortlessly integrate health monitoring into their daily routines.

The Technology Behind Veyetals - rPPG

  • Veyetals utilizes rPPG technology and advanced AI algorithms to enable effortless and accurate gathering of patient information.
  • The app analyzes subtle color changes under your skin through a deviceā€™s camera to detect and record real-time health information.
  • AI modeling filters out environmental and motion artifacts, ensuring reliable and real-time monitoring of vitals.
  • Veyetals represents the forefront of medical innovation, offering contactless AI assisted monitoring in a new era of healthcare.
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