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AI Wellness

Integrating Technology, Wellness, and Education for a Better Tomorrow

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What is Assisted Intelligence Wellness?

Assisted Intelligence Wellness (AI Wellness) is a pioneering platform that leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly integrate healthcare, technology, and wellness.
Our mission is to make personalized well-being accessible to all by bridging the gap between technology and wellness.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Wellness is more than just physical health. AI Wellness addresses all eight dimensions of wellness to
provide a balanced and comprehensive wellness experience.


Exercise, nutrition, and
healthy lifestyle choices


Managing emotions and
mental health


Expanding knowledge
and skills


Building healthy and
supportive relationships


Seeking purpose and


Living in harmony with


Finding fulfillment in


Managing financial
resources wisely

Our Core Partners

Our ecosystem is enhanced by partnerships with leading organizations in health and wellness.


is designed for licensed doctors to teach and share their expertise within the AI Wellness ecosystem.

Tackling Information Overload

In today’s digital age, individuals are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of health information.
Misinformation and conflicting advice make it difficult to make informed decisions.

Reliable, vetted platform for
trustworthy health

AI-driven tools to filter
and personalize

Empowering individuals
to take proactive
control of their health

Enhancing Efficiency and
Care Delivery

AI Wellness streamlines administrative processes and enhances patient care,
benefiting both doctors and patients.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automates routine tasks

Digital Screens

Provide personalized health education and
real-time patient data

Doctor’s Dashboard

Electronic medical records for comprehensive
patient data access

Patient Lifestyle App

Personalized health tips, progress tracking, and
remote monitoring

MetaDoc AI

Highlights pain points and areas needing attention

Condition-Specific Education

Provides interactive content related to the patient’s
specific health conditions